Electric Africa: The Digital Orchestra

Last weekend OMAi joined forces with Nigerian visual artists and musicians to present an innovative live show called Art X Live by Absolut, a high energy component of ART X Lagos in Nigeria. Absolut and West Africa’s premier international art fair got together a unique cast of talent under the label Electric Africa: The Digital Orchestra. All the ingredients blended into an extraordinary audiovisual experience!



Teaming Up

The visual part was provided by the up-and-coming artists Osaze Amadasun and Williams Chechet from Lagos. Absolut hooked them up with Josef Dorninger of the OMAi crew to present their Tagtool art at the show. The sound was presented by popular young Nigerian singers and musicians Poe, Tomi Thomas and Wavy the Creator.

Getting Ready

Within no time the artists were fluid with Tagtool and adapted their individual styles to this new medium. They developed the concept for the live show together with the musicians during rehearsals. They were ready for action!

The Show

The show was a big success. Osaze and Williams rocked on Tagtool, in the flow with the beats of the orchestra and the vocals. The audience celebrated this creative experiment!