River of Light - Opening ceremony

Opening performance of the "The River of Light" with Bea von Schrader and Dieter Puntigam - a cultural landscape artwork situated at the convergence of the Green River Ancient Path in Taichung.

Fuxing Road, Taichung, TW

The inaugural event will feature Austrian dancer Bea von Schrader alongside Tagtool artists Dieter Puntigam & Matthias Fritz, blending ancient Nan Guan music with puppetry and interactive light painting. This artistic fusion will evoke imagery reminiscent of the "Green River" dream and the earliest memories of the old creek site, where cross-cultural exchanges flourished along the city's lifeline river.

"The River of Light," a cultural landscape artwork positioned at the convergence of the Green River Ancient Path in Taichung, serves as the focal point. Recognized for its historical significance, the Green River Ancient Path embodies Taichung's rich cultural heritage and collective memories. Situating "The River of Light" at this juncture not only revitalizes the ancient path but also fosters a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationship between the river and urban culture for the audience.

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