Workshop at Junge Uni Krems

The Tagtool workshop at Junge Uni Krems offers young students an interactive and creative experience with digital art and animation techniques

IMC Krems - Trakt G, Krems, AT

During the Junge Uni, you can attend lectures and workshops that cover a wide range of topics, and you can ask anything you've always wanted to know. Plus, you'll be a young student at IMC Krems for a week.

The lectures and workshops are not only conducted by real professors from IMC Krems, but we also collaborate with external experts and our partners to put together an exciting program for you. And the best part: the Junge Uni at IMC Krems is a parent-free zone. The only exception is the graduation ceremony on Friday afternoon, where you can bring your family and friends.

The Junge Uni was established in 2006 as the first youth university in Lower Austria by IMC Krems and has been successfully conducted annually since then. More than 2,500 young students have been inspired by subjects such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, engineering, management, biotechnology, IT, and languages. In 2008, the project was recognized by UNESCO as an Austrian Decade Project for Sustainability and is now part of a network with over 150 children's and youth universities worldwide.

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