Joy City, Chengdu

Bejing based artist Gao Dzya invited OMAi for a collaboration in China. He organized a set of artistic activations for the shopping mall Joy City in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan.


15 Days of Tagtool

“We had daily performances for 15 days straight – my personal record!” said OMAi co-founder Josef (aka Gnu). Together with his collaborators he presented a mixture of shows, jam sessions and interactive games for the customers of the mall.

Tagtool Stories

On the first weekend Josef performed a story for children featuring the lovable space mechanic Hilti and his captain. These figures come from the children’s theater group Tetete, which works in close partnership with OMAi. A Chinese moderator and a DJ provided the audio supplementation. The artists modified the story each time – each show was a new experience!

Multiplayer Artist Sessions

During the week Josef joined up with Meghan Judge (SA) and Guan Yue Peng (CHN) for improvised multiplayer sessions. They took their freestyle jams to three different spots of the mall.


Finale at the Gate

For the grand finale on the last weekend, Gao Dzya and Mathjes Lieshout (NL/SA) built a gate out of modular wood cubes with a size of about 10x6x5 meters. A perfect surface for architectural paintings, combined with interactive games for the audience!