Mapping Stories, Boulder

OMAi artists Markus Dorninger and Matthias Fritz (aka Maki & iink) went to Boulder, Colorado in September. Their project “Mapping Stories” made public places come alive with colorful digital paintings and sounds, projected from a custom-built cargo bike. These spontaneous audiovisual performances were created in collaboration with various community groups from Boulder.


The aim of the project was to present a more spontaneous and personal approach to projection mapping. By involving artwork and narration by community members, and spontaneously picking projection targets as they roved around the environment with the projection bike, they created experiences that are unique and authentic creative expressions of a moment’s people, place and time.

The artists used a brand new version of the upcoming new generation of their artistic iPad app Tagtool.


In total, there were six performances:

Kick-off Session
Thursday, September 15th
Boulder Seventh-Day Adventist Church
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“Aliens Running Wild”
Friday, September 16th
Whittier Elementary School (collaboration with Tinker Art Studio)
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“You never cross the same river twice”
Sunday, September 18th
Boulder Public Library
Collaboration with a group of artists brought together by Carmen Nelson
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“A life in a day”
Monday, September 19th
Casey Middle School
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“Multiple singularities”
Tuesday, September 20th
Glen Huntington Band Shell
Collaboration with September High School
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Final session
Wednesday, September 21st
Boulder County Courthouse
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Experiments in Public Art

Mapping Stories is part of Experiments in Public Art, a group of temporary public art installations that debute in and around Boulder. Participating artists were selected, in part, by incorporating concepts and materials that extend beyond the notion of traditional art: How does an artist integrate science, nature, health, technology, or literacy into their process in a thought-provoking way?

We were honoured to be part of this forward-looking initiative! Mapping Stories was made possible with the hard work and open minds by many people. Many thanks go out to Mandy Vink of Boulder Arts, our host Felicia Furman, Boulder Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Tinker Art Studio staff, Carmen Nelson and her friends, Molly Hoverstock, Angela Beloian and all the workshop participants.