OMAi in Taipei

Here are some impressions from Maki & iink’s stay in Taipei, as part of a series of workshops, presentations and performances centered around the topic “mobility”.

Performance & Presentation

The first day we gave a presentation about our work. This was followed by a Tagtool performance at Dihua Street, with the fabulous Muddy Basin Ramblers, students from Taipei university of dance, and 虎劇團 (W.H.O Theatre). The place turned into a three-dimensional zone of color, dance, music and happiness!

Advanced Workshop

After this explosive beginning, the second and third day were taken up by an advanced workshop. We provided insights into various advanced Tagtool techniques. One of the high points was a “massive multiplayer mapping session”, where the entire group of 25 collaborated on a spontaneous and colorful mapping piece.

Many thanks to AND – Taiwan Performing Arts and Technology Center and the lovely Dimension Plus crew for having us!