The Paseo 2016, Taos

The Paseo is a festival that brings the art of installation, performance and projection to the streets of Taos, New Mexico. For the 2016 edition, OMAi collaborated with VJ Suave, the prodigious media arts duo based in São Paulo.


A mobile band of projection artists

For the two festival days on September 23rd and 24th, the artists Ygor Marotta, Maki Dorninger and Matthias Fritz roved around the historic town using a projection bike. They engaged the public using a mix of animated characters and site-specific collaborative projection paintings.


Moving sequences, where flying or walking characters slide across the town’s surfaces, alternated with more stationary multiplayer painting sessions. The historic adobe architecture of Taos proved to be a perfect canvas, and the collaboration had a happy and serendipitous spirit!


Pecha Kucha

The festival was followed by a Pecha Kucha event, where creatives present their work using a strict format of 20 images, shown for 20 seconds each. Maki represented OMAi, telling our story beginning from the early days of the DIY hardware Tagtool project. The evening was filled with interesting insights by fellow artists and activists, and the audience was spirited and engaged. You could tell by the full-on club dancing session in the intermission!


This was the second time OMAi has participated in The Paseo. The first time around in 2014, Maki painted the First Presbytarian church and participated in a Projecting Particles workshop.

Many thanks to Agnes Chavez and Matthew Thomas, the movers and shakers behind this magical event!