Spectra Light Festival 2015

Aberdeen City Council contracted OMAi for a series of Tagtool activities at Spectra Light Festival from 6th to 9th of February 2015.

Tagtool in Aberdeen 19th Feb 18

A Mix of Creative Activities

The program offered a series of Tagtool workshops in remote areas. After that, the participants projected on buildings nearby and delighted their neighbourhood. At the end they worked together on a large scale projection at Union Terrace Garden in the center of Aberdeen.

OMAi conducted workshops for old-age pensioners at Granite Hill Shelter House. We worked with local kids at the Northfield Community Centre.  Also, we came to several schools (Primary School Seaton, Bramble Brae Primary School, and Northfield Academy).

Enthusiastic Feedback

A teacher provided written feedback:

Class were engaged, challenged and motivated. They learned new skills while having fun. Tagtool was superb, staff were first class.

The kids wrote, that they enjoyed “making things come to life“ and described the experience as “terrific, awesome, tremendous, outstanding, out of the ordinary and out of this world”.