Tagtool Player Beta - Windows v1.0.1 b5562 Tagtool-Player-Beta-Win-1.0.1-b5562.zip – 20 MB

Tagtool Player Beta - Mac v1.0.1 b5562 Tagtool-Player-Beta-Mac-1.0.1-b5562.zip – 24 MB


  1. Download the .zip file to your computer
  2. Unpack the .zip file (right-click > Extract All in Windows Explorer, double-click in Mac Finder)
  3. Start the app by double-clicking the .exe file (Windows) or .app file (Mac)

The first time you open it, you need to do the following to make your operating system trust the app:

  • On Windows, in the warning dialogue that pops up, choose “more info” and then “run anyway”
  • On Mac, control-click (right click) the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.

After you opened the app, a menu lets you start the session, edit the session name and adjust settings.

After you started a session, tablets running Tagtool can join the session if they are on the same Wifi network (Network>Join Session)

To output the screen to a projector or other external display, simply connect a video cable and mirror the screen.


PRO TIP: If you hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Alt (Mac) while starting the app, a dialogue pops up that lets you choose different resolutions, and switch between windowed or fullscreen mode.