Tagtool Workshop in Plovdiv

The Plovdiv 2019 Foundation and Ars Electronica invited OMAi to host a Tagtool workshop in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The event was part of their collaboration in preparation for Plovdiv’s time as the European Capital of Culture 2019. The result is a program called FORUM 2019: Create your World, and includes five different workshops at the intersection of art and technology.

The Workshop

The program was kicked off with a Tagtool workshop by Josef Dorninger of the OMAi crew. The location was an old tobacco factory, beautifully renovated to be used as a cultural project space. The participants turned out to be a very talented group, most of them artists themselves. Over seven hours the air was sparkling with creativity.

Projecting Outdoors

Given the good chemistry, it was no wonder that the group didn‘t stop there. In the evening they went outside in an area called Kapana, a creative district of Plovdiv. With music and beer the atmosphere inspired many passerbys to join the spontaneous and joyful happening.

Special thanks go out to Melformator for his technical support and good vibes!