TEDx Vienna Adventures

TEDx Vienna, an independent organiser of the presentation format TEDx, started a new event type called Adventures to enable the audience to experience “ideas worth spreading” first-hand. OMAi was invited to present one of those adventures, and of course it was all about Tagtool.


OMAi members Josef Dorninger and Matthias Fritz talked about the story and vision of the Tagtool project in a presentation at the Markhof, a fantastic place run by Colearning. This was followed by a brief demonstration to explain the basics of working with Tagtool.


Hands-On Session

After a short break the group changed into another room, where a multiplayer Tagtool setup was waiting for them. With sofas and music, it was a perfect environment to have fun with Tagtool. It was a creative eruption of colourful doodles and scribbles!


Another Round

In the afternoon another group came and the program was repeated. Time passed so quickly! Here’s a blog entry about the day and our work by Alina Nikolaou of TEDxVienna.

We really enjoyed sharing our work and going on an adventure with these creative and open-minded people!