Tetete at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Earlier this year OMAi’s children theatre ensemble Tetete was invited to the mighty Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. For that special occasion, the artists adapted one of their favourite stage plays Antonioni Antonini to the latest visual storytelling techniques. The little monkey’s adventures mesmerized the young audience, and all 5 shows were sold out!

A New Game of Storytelling

It was the first time for the artists to collaboratively work with the The New Tagtool, which was still under development at this time. And it changed everything! They took the audience for a journey by travelling through previously prepared sceneries, mixed with spontaneous live painting and animation. At various spots animated characters waited for their appearance.


The Tetete ensemble

Christian Reiner – Voice
Richard Koch – Trompete
Philip Zoubek – Piano
Mathias Koch – Drums
Markus Dorninger – Tagtool
Matthias Fritz – Tagtool