The New Tagtool — an Update

The new version of Tagtool is taking shape!  We’re closer than ever to realizing our vision of the next-level Tagtool. Even though we can hardly wait to make the new app available to the public, we will only release it when it’s ready. But we can already share a few things to give you an idea what we have in store!


The Basics

First of all, the new app is aimed at artists who are serious about projection painting. Here are some basic facts:

  • Tagtool will be a multi-platform app — we will launch for iPad first, but Android and Windows versions are already running and will follow at a later date
  • There will be a free version that is fully usable as an artistic live instrument
  • There will be a paid version with additional features

Even though we built it from scratch, the new Tagtool picks up where the current Tagtool for iPad left off. You operate it with two hands, ten fingers. It is a collaborative system that allows artists to work together as a team.

New features

On top of the existing features, we added some new ones that many Tagtool users (including ourselves) have been craving for.

  • Save, load and duplicate your artwork
  • Record and share videos
  • Import images
  • Take pictures with the camera and insert them directly to the scene
  • Flip objects across an arbitrary axis while you move them around
  • Improved animation system that provides more control and flexibility

The biggest challenge for the app design was fitting all these new features into a user interface that still feels simple and fluid. In the end we boiled things down to a design that should feel familiar to users of the “classic” Tagtool for iPad but contains a lot more creative depth.

We’re looking forward to exciting times! Stay tuned for more news.

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