Workshop at HLW Amstetten

Recently HLW Amstetten, a school in Lower Austria, celebrated the opening of a new building. Some students remembered the Tagtool Workshop back in 2017 and proposed to light up the school at the opening event. Thanks to their dedicated art teachers and with a little help from OMAi, they made it happen!

Getting Ready

The art teachers had worked with Tagtool before and already prepared the group before the workshop. So Josef Dorninger of OMAi had an easy time teaching the basics on the first day. However, the ensuing multiplayer projection in the classroom was certainly a new experience for the students!

Creating Content

Josef set up a Tagtool server to collect the newly created content on the fly. Over time the students built up a rich library of animated images, to be played at the outdoor session on the next day. Some preferred to copy images from the internet, while others liked to create their own original artwork.

Live Sessions at the Opening

The next day we found a perfect spot to project, straight out of the window next to the school entrance. Over three hours the students arranged their prepared artwork, and also created new paintings on the fly. It was great fun, and people loved it!