Tagtool 1.4.3 available now

Excited to share that Tagtool 1.4.3 is now accessible, featuring numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes for the iPad version.

January 23, 2024

This release has lots of small improvements and bug fixes for the iPad version - see the Release Notes below for more information.

The matching desktop beta versions for PC and Mac now support transparency for Syphon/Spout sharing and video recording. Also you can now specify a path to your deck folder to make it easier to manage and organize your Tagtool deck content. You can access this feature by tapping the folder icon in the top right corner of the Decks menu.

You can download the PC and Mac beta versions here.

Please be aware that the desktop beta versions are unsupported and provided as-is. Their main use is to share the Tagtool canvas with other visuals apps using Spout or Syphon. You can join Tagtool running on iPads to the Desktop version over Wifi or Ethernet using the multiplayer feature.

Thank you to the beta testers for their useful feedback, and to Kevin Hell for making the release happen!

Release Notes

  • Lots of bug fixes and optimisations
  • Smoothing of movements in multiplayer sessions
  • Ability to specify recording time for video recordings
  • Automatically select new deck after creation
  • Improve memory handling, especially with lots of decks
  • Removed Supersampling option in Quality menu
  • Alpha channel for Syphon/Spout and video recording
  • Additional codecs: lagarith can be configured
  • Ability to choose path for decks
  • Lots of bug fixes and optimisations
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