Workshop at Castle Ulmerfeld

The art club KIAM of Amstetten (Austria) hosted an exhibition called “The Force of the Line” at the medieval Castle Ulmerfeld. Apart from exhibiting artworks, they also organised talks with artists and workshops. Of course, this is where Tagtool fits right in!


2 Days of Workshops

OMAi member Josef Dorninger conducted a 2 days workshop with a class of the school HLW Amstetten. The goal was to teach the basics of animated projection painting and to train for a live session at the opening. The progress of the students was fantastic. In the words of Josef: “They are learning faster than I can explain!”

Live Sessions at the Opening

We decided to do two multiplayer sessions: Indoor at the buffet (the hotspot of every exhibition) and outdoor in the castle courtyard. The pupils were improvising with joy and a lot of team-spirit! Despite the rainy weather, many visitors where delighted by their creative contribution.