Tagtool Convention 2018

The Tagtool Community lit up the industrial interior of PostCity hall at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz.

About this project

From September 6-10, as part of Ars Electronica Festival 2018, the Tagtool community lit up the industrial interior of PostCity hall in Linz. A multifunctional Tagtool area contained an immersive projection space, interactive installations, as well as providing lots of opportunities for creative exchange. Members of the international Tagtool community got to know each other in person, presented their personal projects, and jammed together in multiplayer Tagtool sessions.

Performances by

Tetete feat. Karl Ritter (AUT)
T. A. M. - Theatre of Animation Art (UKR)
Die.Puntigam + Bea von Schrader (AUT)
YaguArt (COL/ESP)
Lora + Ivan Shopov (BGR)

Thanks to

Hans Christian Merten, Melanie De Jong, the Create Your World team, Frances Sander and Dima Berzon, Anne Mück and Dominik Krutz, Reinhart Jedlicka and Dominik Sigl, Mario Koselsky, Milan Zoufal, Chris Knapp + Tagtool supporters around the world

Booking inquiries

Booking inquiry

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