Space Messengers

Space Messengers is an immersive installation and international youth exchange by STEMartsLab, encouraging contemplation of our place in the universe through art, science and technology.

About this project

Space Messengers is an immersive installation and international youth exchange exploring the universe through art, science and technology, produced by STEMartsLab. This interdisciplinary educational project evolved from a collaboration among artists, scientists, philosophers and students.

OMAi’s role is to enable the participating students to creatively process and express the scientific and philosophical concepts they are introduced to during the workshop series. The resulting physical manifestation of this process is an immersive art installation that has been presented at science and media art festivals around Europe, the US and Latin America.

The installation allows visitors to walk up to an interactive projection wall, showing themed Tagtool artwork and floating messages. Some of these messages were written by the students and experts who took part in the workshops, while others are being contributed on the spot by the audience using their mobile phones.

When visitors gets close to the wall, their movements are mirrored by bright silhouettes composed of individual particles. They can trigger a dynamic journey into an individual particle, which takes center stage and contains a short video clip or visualisation taken from the workshops. The experience allows visitors to playfully explore thought-provoking reflections from the Space Messengers universe, encouraging them to contemplate their role within the cosmic order.

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Booking inquiry

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