Future Biosphere

OMAi collaborated with the Mexican Tagtool artist Rimiyoho to present an art installation and live performance at the National Taichung Theater in Taiwan.

About this project

OMAi and the Mexican Tagtool artist Rimiyoho were invited by Dimension Plus to create original projection art for the stunning interior space of the National Taichung Theater in Taiwan, which was designed by Japanese architect​ Toyo Ito.

Rimiyoho created a 15 minute piece called "FUTURE BIOSPHERE. A colorful dream by Rimiyoho". He envisioned the concept and developed the artwork and animations with Tagtool. OMAi worked with him to adapt the piece to the organic architectural curves of the space. The soundtrack for the audiovisual experience was composed by Arturo Vieyra. The development process lasted several months and took place over the internet between Mexico, Austria and Taiwan, and went smoothly despite the time difference, the intricate physical space, and the large amount of video data involved.

Markus Dorninger and Matthias Fritz of OMAi then travelled to Taichung in January 2023 to present a series of live Tagtool performances connected to the theme. The stunning canvas made it possible to collectively dive into spontaneously emerging dream worlds, together with the audience.

Future Biosphere was running at National Taichung Theater from 6th of January to 5th of February 2023.

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