Visible Resonance

Visible Resonance was a large-scale artistic spectacle, presented on 2nd September 2022 in celebration of the centenary of Wits university in Johannesburg.

About this project

Visible Resonance was a large-scale artistic spectacle, lighting up the façade of the Great Hall of Wits University on 2nd September 2022, in celebration of the historic university’s centenary. It combined light projection and animation technology, improvised dance, theatrics, and music to deliver a dynamic and poetic reading of the University’s past, present and future.

Under direction of Marcus Neustetter, The Trinity Session and OMAi collaborated with a diverse cast of artists and musicians (among them Harmonics, the Wits Choir, the Wits Department of Theatre and Performance), to create an improvised, interactive, euphoric, and entrancing experience for everyone.

To establish a common artistic language, The Trinity Session and OMAi conducted spontaneous Tagtool sessions at locations connected to Wits University and its historic context, including the Structured Light Laboratory, the Origins Centre, the Cradle of Humankind, the Planetarium, and the Wits Art Museum. The show gradually took shape over the span of 10 days, eventually involving close to a hundred artists, musicians, performers, and technicians.

The resulting show took place in front of thousands of spectators on the university's main square. Projections covered the iconic building's facade, providing a canvas for live visuals while performers activated the premises. For over 90 minutes, the artists captivated the audience, resulting in a resounding success.

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