Tagtool Session at NCMA Raleigh by Maki & iink

You are here!

The exhibition You Are Here: Light, Color, and Sound Experiences at the North Carolina Museum of Arts features immersive art installations by 14 contemporary artists, including large-scale light works, sound installations, video works, mixed-media room-size environments, and site-specific projects. As part of the exhibition, OMAi came to Raleigh for a series of projection art performances and workshops in May 2018.

Tagtool Session at NCMA Raleigh by Maki & iink

Two community events named “Night Bright” featured large scale projection art performances in collaboration with artists from Raleigh, as well as allowing the audience to become part of the art in our so-called “Open Sessions”.

Furthermore, we taught the use of our projection art software Tagtool in several workshops aimed at different age groups. One of the highlights of the indoors activities were the “storytelling sessions”: a moderated show for kids, where we let the audience give the input for spontaneous and animated tales of the Unexpected. Big fun, and not a quiet moment!

We loved working on the beautiful architectural canvas of the NCMA — in the words of an esteemed visitor: “the walls found their highest calling”. We also loved working with the wonderful NCMA team, and getting the chance to meet so many new friends. And old ones too!