Allez Hop "Mission Tümpelton"

Photos capturing moments from the children's theater production "Allez Hop - Mission Tümpelton" at Konzerthaus Vienna.

February 18, 2024
Vienna, AT
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Allez Hop is a music theater series for kids aged 3-5 years, produced by Konzerthaus Vienna. OMAi creates the interactive scenery and digital puppetry.

These pictures show moments from five shows on February 17-18 2024 at Konzerthaus Vienna.

Frédéric Alvarado-Dupuy - Clarinette
Bernhard Höchtel
- Keyboard instruments
Robin Prischink
- Drums, Percussion

Sarah Jeanne Babits - Acting, Concept, Text
Simon Schober - Acting
OMAi - Projection Artist
Laura Malmberg - Stage Design, Costumes
Paul Sturminger - Stage Design, Costumes
Matthias Werner - Allez Hop Music
Philipp Lossau - Direction

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