Tagtool Bike at dotdotdot

The bicycle turned 200 years! To celebrate this amazing fact, the Viennese short film festival DotDotDot invited OMAi to take our projection bike for a ride. Imagine interactive paintings created live and on the move — what could be better for this occasion?

Mobile Storytelling

OMAi artist Markus Dorninger got on the Tagtool bike and spun a “moving” story all the way through the 8th district of Vienna. Walls, doors, balconies and the also the street surface became the stage for improvised characters and spontaneous interactions. About 100 guests followed the action from Jodok-Fink-Platz to Tigerpark.

An Open Session to round things off

At the end of the route, Markus’ colleague Matthias Fritz put up a second Tagtool station next to the bike and invited passers-by to join the fun. He showed and explained the functionality of Tagtool to members of the crowd, who contributed their creativity to the collective artwork.

All in all a very enjoyable evening! We hope there’ll be many more centuries of biking – with and without projectors.